The next generation Timesheet Pay & Bill platform for temporary recruitment.

Why PurePro?

Reduced Cost of Ownership

PurePro will substantially reduce your operational costs through a combination of smart automation, tailored workflows and user dashboards built using efficient modern development tools and cloud platforms.


PurePro is designed to offer market leading capabilities to provide everything your Pay & Bill process needs.

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Performance and Efficiency

PurePro performs automated timesheet processing to deliver payslips and invoices for distribution in real time.

Improving your Bottom Line

The combination of operational efficiency, staff savings, reduced hosting costs and PurePro SaaS pricing will add to your profitability.

Architecture and Security

Designed with modern serverless cloud architecture offering resilient, scalable performance and reduced security risks. Built in the 2020’s for long term future.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

PurePro uses real-time orchestration to deliver up to date dashboards, reports and BI without affecting the performance of other processing.

Customer Relationships

PurePro is a privately owned business committed to strong long term customer relationships that support client growth and provide value for money.


The PurePro leadership team has 70+ years combined experience delivering pay and bill solutions to recruiters of all sizes. We are available to help, advise and above all ensure our clients achieve the maximum benefit from their investment.

About PurePro

PurePro is a cloud hosted Pay & Bill solution designed for Temporary Recruitment and Staffing businesses. We offer everything you need to complete Timesheet processing efficiency and accurately.   

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